Sky Shot is CDT-S qualified  and we have been licensed to operate with permission for aerial work (PfCO)by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which enables us to fly commercially. 


UAV operations are highly regulated and we adhere to the strict legal flying restrictions set out  by the CAA.

 These are taken into consideration when we are assessing a site/job  before  the planned flight.


Sometimes it may be necessary to do a pre-flight visit to a location to ascertain if it will be possible to fly. However, usually just a post code or grid ref location of the site will give us enough information to undertake the required risk assessments.


Pre assessments include

  • a pre-site survey

  • full risk assessment of site and airspace

  •  permissions for flying (where necessary)

  • NOTAM consultation

  • Weather monitoring

  • Onsite survey (if required)



















The restrictions are extremely detailed, but here is an outline of the main points.  However each job is unique and will be assessed individually.


  • We cannot fly at greater altitude than 400 feet or further than 500m from the pilot, and the aircraft must be in visible line of site at all times


  • If we are flying near to an airport or aerodrome, in certain airspace restrictions,

  • we may need to contact ATC to confirm that it is safe to operate at a certain height on a specified date and time. This also applies to many areas of regular military activity.


  • Landowners permission is required to take off and land 


  • the aircraft must maintain a distance of 50m to any people, structures, vessels and other property that aren't under our control


All our uavS are fitted with return-to-home technology, if the pilot is incapacitated or radio signal is lost with the UAV.

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